Top 15 Vape Shops In Phoenix For 2017

Vaping in Phoenix has exploded in last couple years. There are more than 100 vape shops in the Phoenix area. Vapor Dynasty Expo has established itself as the premier Vape & Ecig expo in Arizona. VDE has brought together hundreds of companies from around the nation and world together under one roof in Phoenix, Arizona. Thousands of consumers and business owners have experienced the success that Vapor Dynasty  Expo delivers to both business owners and consumers alike. 2017 will bring the 3rd installment of Vapor Dynasty Expo back to Arizona bigger and better once again then ever before. This event will be held on July 15-17 for 2017. They are many great shops in Phoenix and to narrow it down to just 15 isn’t easy. However these Top 15 vape shops stand above the rest. There consistent great customer reviews, having juice stations full, keep the places looking new and having a terrific staff. These are just a few things we look into. So if your in the top 15 vape shops in the Phoenix area for 2017 be proud. Here is our list at VSF Top 15 vape shops in the Phoenix area for 2017 enjoy.


#1 Liquid Vape

Liquid Vape is truly the best vape shop you can find. I’m familiar with all of the different vape shops throughout the valley and Liquid Vape has definitely got it together. 5 star customer service. 5 star house juice 5 stars for competitive prices and probably the biggest selection of premium juices I’ve ever seen. They have brands of juice Ive never even herd of and I thought I knew of all of them. Every one here is extremely helpful and knowledgeable at recommending juices.


#2 Butt Out

Very friendly and professional service. Laid back atmosphere and approachable staff. They take the time to answer any questions and don’t try to push uneccesary products on you. Will definitely be returning.


#3 Juicy Vapes

Great staff. Great house juice. Great selection of premium juice too. They have everything for everyone. Excellent customer service. I stray and hit up other shops because when I need juice I go to the closest to me depending on where I am at the time, but always end up back at juicy vapes.


#4 This Old Vape Shop

I went in and instantly was relaxed. It is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. The staff seemed extremely laid back and while going on to look at reviews, they even reply to reviews! Now that’s going the extra yard! I walked in to a handshake and a name which is hard to find nowadays. Will definitely be recommending to friends. Good job guys and keep doing what you’re doing!


#5 Vape Shop AZ

I came in here just to check out some box mods and ask questions and I was greeted with An outstanding amount of knowledge and friendliness. The staff is ridiculously knowledgeable and have the patience that new customers like me need. I will definitely be back to try out some flavors.


#6 Valor Vapor

Are you tired of fighting your nicotine habit? Are you someone who simply enjoys the act of smoking, but not the adverse effects it causes? Have you heard about e-cigarettes and are curious to see if they are for you? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then our Vapor Stores in Tempe and Phoenix are the perfect stores for you. Come visit us! We have 150+ flavors to choose from and can choose your custom flavor, customize your own nicotine level, PG and VG levels and we will make it custom right in the at the store.


#7 Red Vapor Store

Red Vapor opened its doors in December of 2013. We are a family owned and operated store accredited with the BBB® . Catering to all your vaping needs, we carry everything from rebuildables to your average 1100 MAH battery. Being home of the Frank N brand, we carry anything and everything Frank N related: Frank N Box, Frank N Juice, and even Frank N specialty orders. If you are curious as to if we have a particular product, or just want to see in general, we encourage you to check out our inventory catalog linked below and above. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and make sure that our customers feel important and leave feeling satisfied. So, come in and let us take care of you!


#8 AZ Vapes

What an outstanding experience with AZ Vapes shop. They provide excellent customer service with a less price. I have experienced many shop but I have to say this guys are awesome and they treat you perfect. I just love the place and highly recommend to anyone.


#9 Oasis Vape

Great handmade juice! Any flavor you are craving they can do. 120 ml bottle 17$ with tax! Customer service is outstanding. The Oasis vape family goes above and beyond for their customers and treat you like family. Prices are competitive on mods and tanks as well as RBA’S. Gourmet juice, not synthetic tasting. Would compare quality to Suicide Bunny ejuice and Kings Crown. Astounding taste that won’t disappoint. Knowledgeable team on devices, batteries, chargers ect. Go on in and experience friendly, fast service. You won’t leave dissatisfied.


#10 Red Star Vape

Red Star Vapor offers solutions for all of your e-cigarette needs. We have a hundred delicious vape juice flavors online at wholesale prices. Our vape juice is presented in four different categories including breakfast, candy, fruity, and signature. If there is a specific flavor of e juice that you like, visit one of our stores and our e juice specialists will try to recreate it for you. We have hundreds of vape juice flavors in-store and can mix and match them however you like. We also have e-cigarettes, vape mods, and vape pens available both online and in-store. Whether you want a simple setup or something more complex, you are sure to find what you need either in-store or here online. We also offer e-cigarette hardware both online and in-store. Our hardware includes coils, mods, subtanks, RDA, batteries and chargers. If you aren’t sure what type of e liquid you want, we recommend trying some of our pre-steeped e liquids like “Maiden’s Milk” and “Serial Killa”.


#11 Plumes Of Vapor

Plumes of Vapor is a boutique digital vape shop with very high standards. Our Mesa location is a large, fun lounge open from 11am-2am Monday through Saturday and 12noon-1am on Sundays. Our main goal is to offer high quality products for affordable prices, these products appeal to beginner and expert level vapers


#12 Berzerk Industries Vape Store

I walked in a few days a go and today. I spoke to Tim and the owner, Jerry. Both were very friendly and spent a lot of time explaining about vaping, showed me how to use my system and let me try various flavors to find one that fit my wants and needs. Great shop, great guys, I won’t go anywhere else, highly recommendable.


#13 The OHM Factory Vape Shop

Fantastic unbiased help! I’ve been in a handful of times and have received excellent service everytime. They are open late-which is a huge bonus for me. Great juices, great hardware, great staff!


#14 Kidney Puncher

Really awesome staff who got me in and out fast and were incredibly helpful; even gave me a 10% discount since it was my first visit. Best yet, they have some of the best prices compared to other local vape shops, so if you’re in the area and need some supplies, don’t hesitate to drop in.


#15 Haus Of Vapors Phoenix

Love this place. Brand new. High class image. Classy environment. Best customer service, product variety and literally the best juices in Phoenix. The owner Drew knows what hes talking about and knows what flavors I like. Great loyalty program. Place also has a pool table and ping pong table so i come in and play ping pong with Drew couple times a week. I got my setup here and haven’t smoked a cigarette. I love his flavors.


We hope you enjoyed our top 15 vape shops in Phoenix. Please leave a comment below if you have ever been to any of these great shops!!

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