Top 10 Vapor Shops in Springfield, MO

Paradise Vapors

Address: 1314 E Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO 65804

Hours: Open today · 10AM–7PM

Phone: +1 417-889-2272

The Paradise Vapors endears itself to its customers by helping them quit smoke. It takes pride in having an ambient environment from where those who are trying to quit tobacco smoking can try out new flavors of e-juices. The shop is not about making clouds of vapor smoke.

And their customers seem to agree with their approach of selling vapors. Below are a couple of testimonials:

  • “I have been going to Paradise Vapors since they first opened, and I will tell you now that you will find no more knowledgeable people than at this store.”
  • “All of the staff are friendly and know what they are talking about.  Tyler is one knowledgeable guy!  He also knows how to treat his customers. “
  • “They have a myriad of flavors you can choose from, but I just stick with “Blended Tobacco.”  It has a more real tobacco flavor and I’m not into Grape or any of those others, though I did try “cappuccino” for a while.”

In yet another testimonial, a customer advocates the use of KangerTech Pro Tanks that is sold at the shop. He says that their ‘awesomeness’ comes from the sub ohm coils that give you just the right amount of vapor that you will need.

The Paradise Vapor shop has a loyalty card which is used by the regular customers and every time they visit the shop, your points are input into your card until such a time the card has enough points to pay off the next purchase.

The Paradise has been voted the best in Springfield due to its outstanding customer service and quality vapor products on sale.

417 Vapor

Located in: Parkcrest Center

Address: 3873 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65807

Hours: Open today · 10AM–7PM

Phone: +1 417-890-2425

The 417Vapor is one of the Springfield’s most celebrated vapor shop. It is quite popular because of its Slimer and Bug juice. The Slimer is a cream and kiwi juice while the bug juice is mainly made of citrus. Below are testimonials by customers that have had a chance to use it. Take a look.

The Slimer

“Slimer is a Kiwi and Cream juice. I was a little nervous and not quite sure what to expect with this but WOW. This one really, really surprised me. The vapor was light but carried the flavor well, and Slimer tastes just like a FRESH slice of kiwi. I swore I even had a seed stuck in my teeth after vaping it. It has the tartness of the kiwi on the inhale, with a blast of sweet kiwi flavor AND cream on the exhale. I am not a big fan of kiwi, but this flavor made a believer out of me. It would be great on the deck in the sun with a mojito. Mmmmmmm. I give this flavor an 8/10, but if you are looking for a kiwi experience this is a clear 10/10.”

The Bug Juice

“This was the flavor I was least excited to try, but I actually keep coming back to it. I really love this juice! What I like most is that I can’t figure out what flavors actually go into the bug juice. I know it is citrus, but every puff is like a different yet similar experience! One minute I will get raspberry and lemonade, then I get some lemon and lime, then I get all of it together! Truth be told I don’t know WHAT it is; but I know I love it. No, I need it. It gives me life. Complete ADV 110%, I am actually vaping it as I write this!! It is just like a light, refreshing summer drink. Kind of like the bug juice from Boy Scout Camp! 11/10. Never had anything like it before.”

Titan Vapors

Address: 2305 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65807

Hours: Open today · 10AM–8PM

Phone: +1 417-823-3895

The Titan Vapors has been an e-cigarette business since 2007. It is locally operated and owned, and its Springfield customers are loyal since the shop boasts the best customer care. The owners, speaking on their website, state that they are passionate about the vapors and thus want to share that passion with others. Among the items on their stock include e-cigarettes, drip tips, atomizers, pipes, mods, clearomizers and many more accessories.

The e-cigarettes that are sold at the shop come with a warranty. The shop stocks more than 300 flavors from both the US and Canada. The shop’s focus is the natural and organic e-liquds. The shop boasts a traditional tobacco shop atmosphere where the owners are on the first name basis with their customers.

To help you choose the right flavor, the shop assistants will share their knowledge of the products with you until you arrive at a flavor that suits you. It doesn’t matter whether you are new at vaping or you have been doing this for long, the shop will have something that is just right for you.

Palm Beach Vapors

The Palm Beach Vapors bills itself as the most trusted local vape lounge where you get to enjoy your electronic cigarettes, batteries, mods and clearomizers in peace. Among the specific brands that are on sale in the shop include the Fruit Flavors, the Butter Flavors, Candy Flavors, Café Flavors, Cocktails by the Shore, the Vanilla Flavors, Mint Flavors, Dessert Flavors, Soft Drink Flavors, and the Premium Flavors.

Address: 212 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65806

Hours: Open today · 10AM–7PM

Phone: +1 417-864-8273

Electric Puff Vapor Shop

The Electric Puff Vapor Shop is owned by a person who have been working at a convenience store for more than 25 years. The owner confesses of his passion in vaping and thus the decision to get into the vaping industry by providing a comfy and clean shopping environment for vaping enthusiasts. Despite the initial difficulty in deciding which of the vaping brands he was going to sell, the shop has really done well after he discovered that a combination of great customer service, competitive pricing and great brands was the winning formula for the people in the vaping industry.

Address: 3111 E Sunshine St, Springfield, MO 65804

Hours: Open today · 10AM–7PM

Phone: +1 417-720-1386

Vapor World

Vapor World has kept its Springfield business going by ensuring that their customers are treated to a professional, knowledgeable and courteous service. It has also endeavored to give its customers the best quality and variety of vaping products and accessories. The store has retail shops in Arkansas, Georgia, and Missouri.

All customers are invited to the shop’s welcoming atmosphere where the latest vaping models, drip tips, atomizers, and replaceable parts are available. Both experienced and new vapor users will make huge savings since the products on sale at Vapor World are directly from the manufacturer. The pricing is competitive and the brands high quality.

Address: 619 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65802

Hours: Open today · 9AM–9PM

Phone: +1 417-866-1453

Springfield Vapors

The Springfield Vapors on Grand understands that most of its customers are trying to quit smoking and this is why its owner, whose father was a smoker who achieved to quit smoking by using vapes, was inspired to open the shop and share the experience with others.

The shop differentiates itself from its competitors by giving outstanding customer service. It has a “people first” approach and thus strive to personalize the experience of all the customers who visit the shop. The staff at the Springfield Vapors sees vaping as more of a lifestyle than a habit or a hobby.

Springfield Vapors has a line of custom juices and vaping hardware. Among these are the unparalled House Juice and Foundin Fathers Liquid. Before you settle on the juices that you are going to buy, the shop offers you a sample so that you don’t end up buying a flavor you will not enjoy.

The Springfield Vapors was established by a Mr. Preston K. in 2013.

Address: 829 W Kearney St, Springfield, MO 65803

Hours: Open today · 10AM–7PM

Phone: +1 417-862-1075

Queen City Vapors

Queen City Vapors is a vape shop that provides its customers with the best priced vaping products and accessories in and around Springfield. In fact, the shop has a loyalty card program that helps the customers accumulate points for a free supply of the vaping products once there is enough points. The shop was established in 2014 by a Mr. Brian S. He says that they started this family-owned shop to help others make better smoking decisions. The shop bills itself as price-friendly shop that stops at nothing in making its customers are well served.

Address: 2717 W Kearney St

Springfield, MO 65803

Phone number: (417) 869-1622

Viper Vapor

The Viper Vapor is a Springfield vapor products shop. It stocks more than 350 flavors which are sold at very competitive prices. The business was established in 2012.

Address: 920 N Glenstone Ave Springfield, MO 65802

Phone number: (417) 873-2242

Roll’n Tobacco’n Vapes

This shop combines both the traditional tobacco and modern vapor products. They advise you to try the vapes before deciding they are not as good as the traditional tobacco.

Address: 1437 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804

Phone number 🙁 417) 501-1034

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