Top 10 Vape Shops In York/Lancaster 2017

Welcome to south central Pa. The Homes of York and Lancaster that are two small cities in Pennsylvanian. These two cities are very close to each other in size and only a few miles away from each other. There has been a recent boom of nice vape shops in these areas. We decided to combine the two for a top 10 vape shops York/Lancaster review. With the recent changes of regulations and rules for vaping in pa. It has been a little harder to vape in public for 2017. However it hasn’t stopped the movement of vaping and with great shops like these 10 lets hope it stays that way. There are a lot of great benefits to vaping vs smoking. We sure hope everyone in Pa knows the facts and we can keep our freedom to choose to vape. These 10 vape shops stand out with great customer service. Here is our list of the top 10 vape shops in York/Lancaster for 2016 in no particular order.


#1 Azure Vapors

I have not been to the actual shop, But i’m still going to review their juice line.. I’ve been going through them for year’s and I got to say.. They are like Family. The consistency of their juice never ceases to amaze me! They never switch up juice and keep it the same, I’ve been through ALOT of other vendors, The other ones I have been to have been the worst experiences with juice, I wont make names but there was one site where the nicotine/vg smelled like pure burnt rubber and tasted like it as well. I am VERY VERY glad that I have found their website I have been purchasing juice from their online store for year’s and have never ever had a single problem. They are my permanent juice vendor.
#2 Life Smoke York
Very helpful and friendly gentleman that ran the store. It was early in the day and he assisted me with finding the perfect eliquid. I was in a rut trying to find something I could all day vape and he was more than willing to let give me his suggestions and did not mind at all that I sampled many different liquids. It’s always nice to go into a vape shop where you are not snubbed, ignored, or rushed.
#3  and #4 One Step Above LLC York/Lancaster
Great customer service! Awesome selection. These guys have been extremely helpful and kind every time I’ve gone there. We decided to include the Lancaster store in this review also as both locations are really great vape shops.
#5 Ace Of Vapes
The review is long over due. Service was fantastic during the sale; courteous, patient, and knowledgeable. But that doesn’t get you 5 stars….had an issue with my iStick 3 months out of warranty and was having difficulty dealing direct with the manufacturer. AOV took care of me, replaced the unit and even paid shipping as I had moved out of state. One phone call and I was back in business 3 days later with zero hassle. Prices? they are competitive with any online retailer I could find and in many cases even cheaper. Will recommend AOV to anyone, anywhere.
#6 Kings Vapor
They have a nice wide selection of juices, although I found them to be lacking in flavor. They do let you try them though, so you know what you’re getting. I recommend Mother Nature’s Milk and Afternoon Delight. Very friendly and helpful staff. Took the time to explain some of the more advanced mods, and explained the jargon as they went. Juices were all solid, and a nice variety. Absolutely will be going back again, and soon.
#7 Flavr Vapor Lounge
Staff was very helpful as I was buying my first mod gave me some good advice. Selection of juice was great and you could sample the juice as you shopped. I will return for sure definitely recommend checking it out.
#8 Lancaster Steamworks
These guys are the best! Small shop that’s a bit hard to find, but once you find it, you’ll never go anywhere else. Killer juice selection, VERY knowledgeable and friendly staff, and fantastic prices. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing, they won’t steer you wrong just to make an extra buck.
#9 4 Humors Emporium
Very friendly service everyone is very nice and helpful. They are always willing to help answer any questions that you have about vaping. E-juice is the best out there always 100% vg organic unless you ask otherwise. The variety of products is great they will also order mods and other such equipment if they don’t have what you want. All around a great business and friendly environment. Never a dull moment when you walk in.
#10 SS Vape
York SS Vape welcomes you to start your vaping journey with us! If you are already vaping, we are here to vape with you, and answer any questions you have. Smoking is something we can all level on here at SS Vape. We have been there, and we are now tobacco free! We want to help you do the same, so pitch those stinkies and come in and see what vaping is all about. Try any of our flavors before you buy, and enjoy a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. We are here everyday of the week for your convenience, and can’t wait to vape with you!
If you have ever been to any of these great locations please comment below.

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