Top 10 Vape Shops In Dallas 2017

Dallas is know for it’s beautiful skyline and great night life scene. This is also home of the Dallas cowboys football team. They have fans all over the US. It doesn’t matter if you live here or just visiting. There is plenty Dallas has to offer for everyone. There are over 50 vape shops in the Dallas area. So to narrow it down to just 10 was not easy, and just because a certain shop didn’t make the list doesn’t mean they are not a great shop. It’s just there not one of the top 10 vape shops in Dallas as of 2017. The shops however that did make the list have outstanding and consistent customer reviews. These vape shops shine above the rest because of this. So lets not wait any longer here are the top 10 vape shops in Dallas for 2017.


#1  Jossie Vapes

At Joosie Vapes, we specialize in high-quality, uniquely flavored eliquids. We stock a large selection of vaporizers and juices, including our own premium flavors made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. For us, flavor selection and crafting is serious business, and we put care and patience into mixing, matching, and customizing our delicious juices. Experimentation is an important part of making the best product, and while many of our custom creations don’t make it out of our laboratory, what we offer is the cream of the crop for quality, ingredients, and experience.


#2 Good Vapes

Stellar service and quality products are the cornerstones of our philosophy at Good Vapes. We are vapers passionate about vaping. With every draw, we want great flavor and a smooth vape. That’s why we go above and beyond to help you find the device and e-liquid to best suit your individual vaping needs. At either of our vape lounges in Dallas, or the Houston area, each of our more than 120 e-liquids are available to try at our sample bar before you buy. Since we started Good Vapes in February 2011, we’ve strived to offer the best vaping products on the market, and continue to do so to this very day. We carry a wide variety of products to suit all of your vaping needs whether you’re experienced or new to vaping. Check back often, as the industry evolves, so does our product line. Everything in our inventory, from chargers to our handcrafted e-liquid, is tested and re-tested to ensure you are getting the highest quality product available.


#3 DFW Vapor

Established in 2009, DFW Vapor supplies our customers with the best e-cigarettes on the market. We may be a little over the top sometimes, but that’s only because we’re passionate about our products. You can purchase e-cigarettes from a number of sites, but at DFW Vapor you can be confident that you’ll receive quality service and unique products. DFW Vapor supplies a variety of e-cigarettes for new to experienced vapor connoisseurs. Unlike many other shops that retail liquid made by other companies, all our e-liquid products are made by DFW Vapor in our own food safe facility using domestically sourced USA pharmaceutical grade ingredients and nicotine.  Our flavors are painstakingly crafted with pride after months of trial and error development to ensure each note hits just right, on the inhale and exhale.


#4 The Vapor Factory


Just got back from stopping by for the first time. Great selection of not only mods, tips, and tanks galore but also many, many ejuices. They allow you to try before you buy (even some premium juices) which is definitely how every vape shop should be setup. If you come during happy hour (11am-3pm Monday-Saturday) house juices are incredibly cheap too. Definitely worth a visit! (:


#5 710 Vapors

Best smoke shop I have found in Dallas. They’re customer service and knowledge base on glass and vapors are top notch. So glad I found this place. Nowhere else can you find such awesome glass from great blowers, great arsenal of vapes, and wide selection of premium juices to try. Walked in for a new rda and ended up with a new heady rig and quartz domeless too!!


#6 Village E-cigs

Village E-Cigs was started by frustrated vapers fed up with the myriad of E-Cig stores that endlessly pop up, offering subpar product and unsatisfactory customer service at extremely elevated prices. We don’t like seeing a store that looks like a sterile doctors office with a wall of pre-made E-juice and countless blister packaged starter kits. In response to the countless closet-like vapor shops, we opened something more akin to a lounge that is more reminiscent of an old-school cigar shop than an empty waiting room. Our staff is dedicated to customer service. We don’t trifle with pushing useless, poorly built products as the best on the market, and we don’t want you to ever feel rushed to leave our store. We have ample seating areas, along with free water and coffee so you can feel comfortable coming in and just hanging out for a while. You don’t even have to buy anything! We will take time to personally examine your needs and provide the best recommendation for you.


#7 ECA Vape 1

This is my favorite vape shop!! Everyone that works here is so friendly and helpful. They carry a great selection of juices as well! They got me set up with my first vape about 6 months ago and I’ve been a happy, loyal, smoke FREE customer ever since


#8 All Vapes

“Lost my Provari and I was at a loss. I googled the nearest Vape shop and All Vapes showed up. I was just short of breaking a two and a half years of no cigarette. I walked in was greeted and taken care of by a very knoweledgable young lady. She was patient and helpful all the way through the process of me trying to find a new vape. She then helped me Find the right juice. I am grateful to All vapes and am now a commited to them. Thanks for everythin All Vape”


#9 Vaporia Vapor Shop

These guys are awesome! I felt like family as soon as I walked in. They’re knowledgeable to a fault, yet still satisfy your needs. Just walking in, for example, they provided a bottle of water to my wife, who was desperate to hydrate during the hot, Texas summer. Vaporia has my full support after visiting several others. Shout out: Abdul.


#10 Artisan Vapor Company

Artisan Vapor is the largest American retail store-based electronic cigarettes distributor with a global presence through a network of 24 stores located in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Pakistan. Our American stores are located in Dallas TX, Fort Worth TX, Catonsville MD, Montclair NJ, West Hartford CT, Newington CT, and Houston TX. We expanded into the United Kingdom last year and have one store located in Walsall. We take pride in helping people make the transition from “analog” to digital cigarettes in a more enjoyable and odorless fashion. The Artisan Vapor Company offers a wide range of high-quality products manufactured by top vaping brands like Joyetech, Kanger, Smok and Innokin, Artisan strives to cater to the cloud chaser community whether they are novice or experienced vapors.

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 vape shops in Dallas for 2017. If you have shopped at any of these vape shops please leave a comment below.

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