Top 10 Vape Shop In Boston For 2017

Boston is a beautiful city full of personality. It has a wonderful downtown with plenty of places to visit. This year on July 15-17 is the vape and pipe expo. The turn out during this event is expected to very big with tons of vendors for the people to check out. You must be 21 to enter this event like most events of this kind. There are a lot of great vape shops in Boston to check out. With new ones popping up almost monthly it seems. We did our research to make a top 10 vape shop list. Just because your shop might not be on our top 10 list doesn’t mean it’s a bad vape shop.However the customers have spoken and these top 10 vape shops. Stand out from the others with great reviews and consistency. So whether you live here or just in Boston visiting. If your into vaping we highly recommend you check out one of these top 10 vape shops in Boston for 2017.


#1 Eastern Vapor

This is the best Vape shop in Boston or anywhere I have been too for that matter. The staff is extremely knknowledgeable and they take time to help you and figure out exactly what suits your needs. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Eastern Vapor. After 13 years of smoking 2 packs of cigs a day, thanks to all the guys at Eastern Vapor I haven’t smoked since. I recommend them to any beginner or experienced person. Thanks guys for all of your help. Will definitely be a returning customer.


#2 Vape Depot Inc.

Very knowledgeable and eager to help staff. I had been having a tough time finding juice that I like, and Joshua took his time and went through all the juices with me until I found some that I really liked. They have a great selection and the staff is so helpful unlike some of the other places I’ve been that just try to sell you whatever they feel like. This is now my go to place for everything including batteries tanks atomizers whatever I need, they have it and take the time to get you the right setup. Also they were the only one that could solve my problems I was having with atomizers.


#3 Vaper-US


These guys are absolutely top of the line. Anything from Fitted’s to Vape’s to Js, they got it. Had an awesome time hanging out and getting to know them. Great guys, fair prices and amazing atmosphere that made for a chill relaxing experience.


#4 Vapor Station

Established in May of 2014, Vapor Station began with the goal of spreading the word and educating the smokers in the area about the new, healthier alternative to smoking and helping them quit. The products were primarily starter kits and there were about 40 flavors to choose from. Well… after a year of successful business things have evolved quite a bit! In addition to educating the public and helping people quit, we have expanded our inventory to satisfy the needs of even the most advanced Vaper or hobbyist. We carry a huge selection of batteries, tanks, authentic MODs and RDAs, as well as over 120 flavors of premium USA made E-Liquid from over 30 different makers which is constantly expanding. If you want to quit smoking, we can help. If you already vape, we would love to be your one-stop shop for all your vaping needs.Take the Vapor Station challenge! Come in for a visit; we guarantee it will be the best vape shop experience ever!


#5 New England Vaping Co.

The New England Vaping Company is a premier retailer of vapor products (electronic cigarettes) in the Boston area.  We are a retail shop selling premium electronic cigarettes, nicotine liquid, and vaping accessories. We strive to provide everything you need to switch to the superior alternative to smoking.  The New England Vaping Company was started by vapers to help you stop smoking and start “vaping”.  Stop by the store for face-to-face assistance with picking out a device and finding an e-liquid (nicotine liquid) that suits you.  We’re here to help you. If you are already vaping we have a wide selection of e-liquids from American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) members, including Mountain Oak Vapor, NamberJuice, Nicquid, Nicvape, and Firebrand.  All of the e-liquid we sell is produced in the United States and tested to strict quality standards.  Come in and sample our ever growing selection of liquids.

#6 EZ Cig Vapors

Best place around for miles!!!! Friendly and very nice people!!! Should be your only stop for vaping needs. Prices are also very fair!!! Add thus place as a favorite!!!!!!
#7 Luxe Vapours
Thank you like vapours for changing my life !!!! IT has been well over a year since I smoked cigarettes thank you!!! I never thought I’d be able to do it and would not have without you guys. They are very helpful and have wonderful staff and they make you feel like family when u walk thru the door . Great experience!!!
#8 The Vape Shop
Fantastic customer service! Super knowledgeable on all products. I was in the store and saw John working with a new customer. Unfortunately the customers tank leaked a decent amount of juice. When John saw this he immediately refilled the customers juice and use a store sample juice to refill. He didn’t make the customer refill using the juice he just bought. It’s this level of customer service that has caused me to want to come back again.
#9 Boston Smoke Shop
First time there, a very friendly staff member showed me everything from Products to how to use them. And even helped me pick out a Pen I I would use to help Quite smoking. Little did I know the gentleman was the Manager and couldn’t be nicer with all my questions. Please stop by. And see for yourself. I will be back for all my future purchases
#10 Beyond Vape
Tied for the 10 spot. This is a Strong 5 out of 5. Vaping Stores and Lounges are “popping up” seemingly everywhere in the Cambridge / Greater Boston Area. The issue I ran into was this store was the only location I visited that actually had knowledge on every aspect of Vaping I inquired about. The staff is patient, informative. The atmosphere is laid back, store is extremely clean and there is ZERO PRESSURE. One of the best retail experiences I have had in years. Keep up the good work, this is the only place to start your “Vaping Journey”
#10 Vape Daddy’s

Tied for the 10 spot is Vape Daddy’s . Vape Daddy is located at 376B Watertown St. in Nonantum. The store was started by David Bershad, a 32-year veteran of the Boston advertising business. He wanted an alternative to cigars.“I love cigars, but after three years of smoking one-a-day, I began to feel the toll on my lungs,” Bershad said. “In early 2013 I began following the e-cigarette industry and decided to give vaping a try and haven’t had a cigar in months.”

If you have ever been to one of these fine vape shops please leave a comment below, or maybe we forgot your favorite vape shop please let us know.
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